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Support our educational projects

One planet One Future works with schools and local communities to secure the future of our planet


Who we are and what we do:

One Planet One Future Foundation was established with the mission to raise awareness on climate breakdown and human-caused threats to the planet and to inspire individual and collective action.

The Foundation is funded by donations from individuals and corporations, as well as by the sale of artwork, and is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Donors can deduct their contributions under IRS Section 170.

Donations are used to organize free exhibitions, to support NGOs on the frontline of environmental and cultural loss, and for the educational project. The educational project of the Foundation was created in 2016 based on the conviction that the next generation needs to start now to play a key role in devising solutions to protect and save our planet. The project is a free-of-charge learning experience for students from kindergarten through college. It includes digital lessons, lectures, webinars as well as free guided tours for schools. We collaborate with academic institutions from all over the world.

Help us raise more awareness and create change today for the next generations!